my dad is such a bro
my awesome girlfriend cut my hair and it looks amazing <33333
love and privacy and blindness

shave off the hate on my back
put it on your shelf
keep it long and beautiful and
keep it to yourself

forget about your wasting love
it was just a waste of time
before you get to feeling bad
it was just as well a waste of mine

and what’s a man to do but feel he’s wrong
for loving the one he loves and wondering how
his simple train ran off and got derailed
and his past forgot its place and became now

carve love into your broken soul
remember why you’re mad
sink lower than you’ve gone before
disguise your words with words you’ve had

and never wonder why
never wonder why

and what’s a man to feel but lonely guilt
he’ll watch the burning house he only built
suck dry his dirty insults till he’s stale
trek past his broken glasses for the braille

and never wonder why
never wonder why
never wonder why
never wonder why

:) :) :) :)
my door is an adorable collage of elise mementos :) she’s the best!!!! did you know that?
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